Jbod/Raid question

If I have a 4 disk JBOD will i be able to remove any one disk and access the data in another system/computer? How about if i have a raid 1 setup will the drives be accessible if the “WD Box” Fails? or does it require another “WD Box” to access the drive data?
Also If I configure a 2 disk JBOD ( in a 4 bay Box ) and later add 2 new drives will I have to Re-do the raid configuration or will it simply recognize the two new drives?
The JBOD is separate volumes not spanned. thanks

Yes, in JBOD each disk has a GPT partition table with 3 partitions.

  • a small one in RAID1 for system data
  • a large parition with ext4 file system for your data
  • a small one for swap

You can simply access the data on any system with ext4 support.
On linux this is native, for windows you need some 3rd party software.