Which NAS for WDTV Live

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I intend to buy a NAS for my local network for file storage but also to make media files available for the WDTV. The regular connection via network shares or via media server function to my Vista PC doesn’t work correctly. The transmission of the media files is too slow, a common Vista problem (I tried out dozens of internet proposal but witout success).

I assume that a NAS will work better. Can you tell me some NAS systems which are working well?. Which functions do I have to look for? I want to play Xvid/Divx, mpg, mkv.

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Get rid of Vista.

Install WinXP performance edition(stripped version)

Install 4 port esata card. $25

E-Sata 4 bay Cavalry raid array $100

buy 5 1 TB drives on new egg (the 5th is for a backup incase a drive goes bad, just swap it out) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136317

It’s a little more expensive but you’ll really never have to worry about losing any data ever.

Or If you dont have E-love for your data, just go to Costco and get a portable WD 1TB for $89 and plug it in. :+)

Synology - www.synology.com - have a wide range of excellent NAS devices.  I have had a DS210j for a year now and have recently added a WDTV Live to the network.   The Synology devices are DLNA compliant, you turn that on via their interface and the WDTV Live sees it with no mucking around.

Very happy with both devices.  There are other vendors, QNAP that offer good devices, but the Synology Mac support was the key for me.  Synology also have iphone & android apps to access the data on the device (QNAP might, but can’t remember!.


thanks for your comments.

I will put Synology on top of my list.