WDTV Live doesnt play properly video files from NAS network share


my WDTV Live does perform perfectly when playing any files incl mkv from drives attached to usb or any network shares (like my home PC or laptop) BUT the NAS! It either hangs up upon start playing the movie or doesnt start playing at all  or played movie is constantly freezing  . Music files or photoes or internet media is played with no problem

Both NAS and WDLIVE are LAN connected NAS is accessed by WDTV as a network share.

On other hand NAS (Icybox ib-nas4210-b)t performs perfectly too . Movies  (any type and size and bitrate) stored on NAS drive are played OK on other computers BUT not on  WDTV.

I.e. both work separately OK but not together (thich is my main idea after all.

have tryed resetting, changing workgoup names, deleting wtdv folders… no success.

Many thanks for any help possible



Got the answer myself - at least worked for me

Simply changed the firmware to the cutom one of B-RAD  and mno matter it is older than the latest oficial one it made my unit to work just fine with  the NAS.

At least those are my first impressions