NAS Advice

Hi All

After some advice :slight_smile:

Thinking of retiring my old media PC  that has 4 USB HDD attached to it and replacing it with a NAS box but not sure which one to get.

I have 2 WD Live Hubs and a Sumvision MKV 2 media players and 2 laptops.

All have 1Gb Ethernet connections.

Looking around I like the look of the Synology DS411j 4-bay but the WD World Book looks interesting, the dosh is a bit tight so I’ll be removing the external HDDs from their cases and if compatible putting them in the NAS as raid 0 to save on costs

Any suggestion advice from those that have HUB/NAS combination? Just need the ability to stream x2 1080 MKVs at the same time as my current PC is only dual core (64bit) and struggles with 2 streams.

Many thanks

Try to contact TonyPh12345, I’m sure he’ll give you fair advice as he has a lot of NAS drives.

Just look at my sig.

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WD My World is good and so are the Buffalos

I have the synology 411j. It works well with the wd hub though havent tried simultaneous playback on two pcs. I did initially have issues getting the wd tv live hub to detect any windows network shares. Changing the windows workgroup name on the hub and all pc’s and macs to something different (eg “WORKGROUP2”) bypassed what I believe is a firmware issue on the wd hub.

Thanks for the advice everyone,  I’m going for the DS411j, what’s the best format Ext 3 or 4 or do I need ntfs?