Wdtv live + usb hard drive = nas media server?

Hey all,

I just noticed that the wdtv live show up under network devices on my computer. If attach, say, a 2-bay RAID usb array to the wdtv live, could all the computers on my network access that drive? Effectively turning my wdtv live into a nas media server?

possible… yes


a couple of notes

  1. the WD is an underpowered device in my opinion

it’s got what’s needed to run itself, and that’s about it

if your trying to share out any media while simultaniously using the device to watch a movie, play music etc

you’re like to have a few performance issues

  1. usb raid enclosures

some work some don’t

depends on how the enclosure reports the drives to the WD

  1. WD using official firmware will only share out the media using samba aka windows sharing

if you need other protocols NFS or DNLA, FTP, etc …

they all require wdlxtv firmwares, which are not supported by WD