Using a NAS and getting a better media interface?


I’ve had my WDTV live running for a while using a Seagate Central to share my movies over DLNA but always frustrated that I could only see a basic file view (opposed to the type of view with thumbs etc when you directly plugin your harddrive).

I’m wondering if this would change if I used a new NAS?

I’m playing with the idea of buying either a Synology ds415play or a QNAP TS-469L. 

The advantage of the QNAP is that it can plugin directly to TV via HDMI and therefore I’d get the media server view that I’m looking for.  But the Synology is a bit cheaper and I’m hoping there would be some way to use the WDTV with this but get a better interface?

Any one know the answer?



Hi Mike, see if the following link helps.