Which is the CORRECT S.M.A.R.T status?

If I look via quick view the SMART status shows bad, however, if I go into dashboard and look at the drive status it shows up as good. 

If I look at the file Smartdata.log from a report, it shows PASSED.

I think the quick view is in error.

If I remove the external USB drive (2TB iomega), the smart status displayed by quick view will switch bad to ok.

Hi old_curmudgeon, it could be an error on the quick view side, have you tried running a diagnostic from the My Cloud Mirror dashboard?

The dashboard claims the drives are good. However, it does not specifically indicate ok smart status.

I did get the smart log file from the report and these indicate good status.

It does appear that quick view gets confused when an external usb drive is attached. If I remove

the drive, quck view then reports smart status as ok.

My main issue on rasing this is to have a way to determine if the drive is begining to fail or not. 

Hi Old_Curmudgeon,

Did you try pluggin the USB into your computer and running a drive test on it separately?  It may be that the WD Cloud drive uses the USB as an extention of the same storage space.  If that were the case, then plugging in a failing USB external drive would probably flag the mirror drive as bad.  I’m not sure if that helps you any.

The drive works fine, before I put it in, I tested the whole surface. 

USB drives do not support smart status. I think that quick view is confused by the extra drive and

fails the smart status just becuase it doesn’t get any from the drive. But that is just a guess at

this point.

old_curmudgeon wrote:

USB drives do not support smart status.

Sure they do.

At leat every one I’ve ever seen does…

Maybe WD Quick View doesn’t work with USB disks SMART (I’ve never used it), but WD DLG does…