WD Quick View incorrectly reports bad SMART status

I just added a brand new My Book 4TB drive on the USB port of the My Cloud Mirror. After a reboot of the My Cloud Mirror WD Quick View now reports the SMART status as bad. However, logging on to the console for the My Cloud plainly shows the SMART status as good.

This is a bug in WD Quick View.


I haven’t seen this case before. Please try performing a system only restore. If stills the same, please try contacting WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

WD Contact info:

This is not new. About a year ago I put in a request for quick view to fix this issue. I had a non-WD very old iomega drive at the time. Same problem new drive.

Should be extremely easy to verify. Just add a disk drive and on a Mac use Quick View to view the drive status.

I am having the same problem, WD Quick View shows the SMART status as bad but on the device it shows a good, and running Full Test and the Scan Disk tools report it is fine

I found out that if you use the newer WD Access app it works better. It does not display the smart status but does give a disk status. I stopped using WD Quick View as it seems to not be updated anymore.

Ah thanks I hadn’t seen that app before. Yeah that does seem better

Shame it doesn’t seem to work with the MyPassport Wireless >_< Not that I use them both at the same time anyway

I have a WD 1T Passport 2626 that worked fine for a week and then failed. Same problem WD Diagnostic says Smart Status failure. On the computer, it says the device is working properly. The workaround is to disable the SMART STATUS BIT. Does anybody know how?? WITH THIS SMART STATUS SET I CANNOT INITIALIZE IT and get NO drive letter, but it shows up as working properly in DEVICE AMD PRINTERS.