Quick View reports S.M.A.R.T failure when using external USB drive on Mycloud

I have a cloudmirror running F/W 1.05.30 and on a Mac running WD Quick View v2.4.4.2. 

When I connect an external USB drive to the cloudmirror and reboot the cloudmirror the SMART

status shows up as either BAD or UNKNOWN.

I ran system report and checked the SMART status in the report and that shows up fine.

If I eject the USB drive, and then reboot the cloudmirror, the SMART status switches back to OK.

The external USB drive is an iomega 2T drive, but that shouldn’t matter as USB drives don’t report

SMART status.

Anyone else seeing something similar?


are you turning the My Cloud off using the option on the dashboard?

I reboot via the web “Dashboard”.

I rebooted the mac and now the SMART status is OK.

Is there a way to restart Quick View on a mac? I do see

it in applications.


If you are referring to a rescan option, this is not available. They Quickview app should recognize any WD device as long as it is connected to the network  

I rebooted both the cloud device and my mac and now the smart status is back to bad.

On the dashboard->storage the status of the drives is good.