Quick View Broken

I’m not sure when, but in the last few days, the Quick View icon in my status tray does nothing now. When i hover it, it is supposed to tell me the health of my WDM, but not I only can the version or exit. Anyone know what broke it and how to fix it?

That sounds like a communication (speed) issue between whatever computer you’re using to run QuickView and the MCM.

Have you added anything to your network or made any changes to the router or the PC (e.g. a Windows Update)? If you can speed up the link (e.g. connect the PC directly to the same router as the MCM via an Ethernet cable) does that improve things?

I believe it was a windows update that threw the curve at me. I remember this happening a couple of years ago. I’ve decided to not get too excited about it. I have another NAS and don’t miss it there either. I’ve never used the WD Smartware as it has just been too buggy and uses too many resources. I remember that the last time I had this issue, I went back and installed Smartware, then deleted everything except Quick View. That did not work this time. I even tried re-installing an earlier version. Still no go. So I guess I’ll just live without it.

I’d check the Windows Firewall and/or Windows Defender and confirm that they’re not blocking the communication between the MCM and the PC. What you describe sounds like what I used to get when my two couldn’t communicate (in that case due to an old and slow router), and the update might have reset something or updated something that’s now defaulted back to a basic blocking configuration.

Simple way to check is to plug the PC and the MCM directly together using an Ethernet cable. If it’s something on the network then the MCM should appear in Quickview, but if it’s something on the PC itself then nothing would change.

I’ve checked my firewall settings. they’re good. All of my networked computers can communicate with the MCM. As long as I can communicate with the drive, I’m OK with that. Like I said, I have an older NAS and that’s the way it works too. It was nice to be able to see the drive’s health and stats while in my tray, but I can live without it too.