1.05.30 upgrade oddities

Just done the upgrade to 1.05.30, and seeing a couple of oddities (although the device is thankfully still working):

  1. After the upgrade was triggered the device went off and did its thing and said it was rebooting, but after coming back the upgrade icon was still the yellow icon, and it wouldn’t let me click on it (came up with an error message about not being able to upgrade, reboot or shutdown whilst an firmware upgrade was in progress, or something like that). 

Anyway after a couple of minutes it then seemed to reboot again properly (or at least it wasn’t accessible via the web) and has now come back up fine and working. But it gave me a bit of a worrying few minutes!

  1. Now also the temperature read-out under Quickview is coming up as “unknown”. Not sure what it was before now I think about it, but it still seems odd (although the raid status reads healthy correctly).

But the main point was to let people know the first point, that the install/reboot sequence seems a little different this time to previous ones.

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Thank you for sharing this detail related to the reboot behavior. On the other hand is the WD Quickview able to properly display the temperature if it is re-installed?

I just checked another machine on my network, and the Quickview on that can see the temperature properly (or at least it’s listing it as “OK”). So it’s something screwy on that particular machine, which is the one I did the MCM update from.

So I’ll see what i can do with it, either a reboot of the PC or a reinstall. But I think it’s a one-off weirdo again.