Discovering why mycloud mirror indicates drive is bad

I have a MyCloud mirror that the 4 months old. I just noticed it saying that one of the drives is bad, but I’m having trouble discovering what it doesn’t like:

  • The admin page Device - Diagnostics panel says “caution”, then clicking the arrow indicates a drive fault in it’s list. It would be nice if a click there would lead to more info IMHO.
  • The drive click on drive 1 is red, so that’s consistent.
  • Going to the ‘Storage’ panel Disk Status shows that drive 1 is ‘bad’, and drive 2 is good.
  • clicking on SMART data for both drive 1 and drive 2 doesn’t show any counts below thresholds - all look high, so it doesn’t seem like any SMART complaints.
  • Going to Settings - Utilities - and view System logs doesn’t have any entries for the DISK. Only critical entries indicate instances where system went on UPS power for a few minutes.
  • Running ‘System Test’ returns check marks for all components - including ‘disk’
  • A quick disk of the disks is successful (haven’t tried full test yet)

So… Does anyone know how to discover why the MyCload thinks the drive is ‘bad’??


Post the data.

Sorry, I forgot about my question after I got past the problem by rebooting the enclosure.

  • I “hibernated the enclosure” - which appear to have taken about 20 minutes before the enclosure would no longer ping. I didn’t find anything to indicate that it was shutting down, or had completed hibernation (even in the enclosure lights).
  • I didn’t find any method to wake it up again either - so finally just pulled the cable, waited 30 seconds and plugged it back in.
  • Upon reconnection, the enclosure and drive status indicated all was well.