Drive Fault on Disk 2 - Fixable?

I have an 8TB MyCloud Mirror that has developed an error on the second disc. Fortunately, a week earlier I purchased a 12TB MyCloud Mirror to expand my system, so not all is lost…

Anyhow, running all the tests included in the system utilities, the only result I get is BAD even though this error appears to have affected only three files. I can’t tell if the drive is really bad or if it has just developed a bad spot that could be marked as bad and still use the drive. If this is not possible, I assume I can simply yank the drive and replace it.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advance.


If possible, try resetting the unit and running the diagnostic again.

It could be a bad sectors issue and if that’s the case, will be better if you test the drive on a desktop computer using the WD Dlg tool.

Thanks for the feedback. Turns out the drive is still under warranty (for another 25 days) LOL. Just going to send it back for a replacement.