Which File to Use For Setup?

I have just bought a WD My Passport Ultra.
The instructions ask me to "Double click the WD Apps Setup file to display the Setup Wizard.

I have attached a screenshot of the directory. Which file do I click on?


Your WD Passport is already working; you can copy and paste files into your “F” drive.

Now, if your would like to install separate applications for additional features, you can double-click/open WD Backup (Automatic backup application), WD Drive Utilities (Drive management and health monitoring application), and/or WD Security (Drive encryption utility).

Thanks a lot.

New problem.
I started the Backup.exe and got to the screen to establish a backup plan, but then the message “No target files found”.
Also, there is no icon in the tray or on the Desktop. Should there be?



New problem now.

I double-clicked the Backup.exe file and endeavoured to set up a backup plan. However, I got the message “No target files found”. Also I noticed there is no icon either in the system tray or on the desktop. Should I have these?


Your WD Passport is a hard drive. It will be displayed in the Computer section, not your desktop.

With regards to the error message, try re-installing WD Backup from scratch (The one in your hard drive is from the unit’s production date, so it could be outdated). You can download the latest version from the following link: