What happened to thumbnails and transcoded files?

After the latest upgrade to 2.10.302 I’ve noticed that when I add picture files (eg jpg) there is no longer a “.wdmc” folder created on the CloudMirror. These “.wdmc” folders used to be populated with thumbnails of different sizes for the WD app to use when browsing picture files and videos.

Looking further I see that all the “.wdmc” folders which were there before have all been clean up and taken away.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Now I wonder where the system stores the thumbnails - the app still shows them so they must exist somewhere. Are they marked “hidden” or stored in an invisible area?

Here i asked the same question. Cause i don´t have any experience with ssh i don´t try the solution. 

i think the main problem that we don´t know if the thumbnails are really deleted if we delete the original file. Thie old firmware keeps the larger thumbnail in the .wdmc folder and deleted only the 96*96px thumbnail…

Well this is interesting on my EX2100 (not sure about Mirror)

root@EX2100 root # find / -name .wdmc