Thumnbnails everywhere - AArrggghhh!

I’m trying to use my MyCloud as a means to get files from an old Mac (Yes - a Classic Mac 8500 running Mac OS 8.6) to a PC. USB drives wont work because - well, there’s no USB port on the Mac (!). I’ve succesfully logged onto the WD MyCloud (via AppleShare TCP) and can easily copy all the files I want back and forth without too much trouble.

HOWEVER, When I then connect to the WD via my PC, I can easily see all the files BUT they are accompanied by thousands of smaller “thumbnail” files that all begin with “._” (period underscore). There are thumbnails for almost every (but not all - which I don’t understand) file - not just “jpeg” or photo ones, but Word and others. All the files were renamed with appropriate extensions before the transfer so it shouldn’t be like the server was confused or something and just treated it as a photo…

Why are these thumbnails even here? I don’t want them, never did. I don’t even have cloud access turned on (I checked after I read that that could be the culprit - but it was already off).

Now I can’t grab a bunch of folders to copy off the server without bringing these thumbnails with them…

I can however delete the thumbnails easily enough at the destination but I’d like to avoid having to - and the overhead like wasted space and drive thrashing that generating them brings.

I’ve used many servers before but I’ve never seen anything like this…

There seems to be a lot of older and not easy to follow info here about using SSH (I’m not even sure what that is and don’t feel confidant with it). Is there an easier way to turn this off? Should I even be thinking of turning it off lest something awful happen my WD drive?


._ are resource file segments and are not generated by the My Cloud crawler. The My Cloud thumbnails are located in the .wdmc directory.

Thanks for the answer - my bad… I do remember something from the distant past about Mac files having resource forks and data forks - and didn’t know they began with “._”. The reason I thought the server had created them was that all these files had a creation date/time of the time I did the copy.

Thanks for the quick response!