What generation MyCloud Mirror do I have?

I have a Mycloud Mirror that I got a couple of years ago but can’t for the life of me figfure out what generation it is. Most of the information on this forum and on the internet is inconsistent.

The model number is WDBZVM0040JWT-20 This has been ascribed to both Gen 1 and Gen 2 on here and other sources.

The Firmware version is 2.11.178. When I try to update the firmware to the current 2.12.xx it says the firmware is already up to date.

Any insights?

It’s a Gen 1.

At least that’s the same firmware that my own gen.1 MCM is on…

Thanks. Yes, that’s what I’ve seen previously on this forum but I’ve also seen here that if the firmware is 2.x.x then it’s a second gen(?!)

I also see that my MyCloud EX2 has the same firmware as my MyCloud Mirror (which also suggests it s Gen 1) but you’d think someone on this forum (moderators?) would know for sure.

The EX2 and MCM are basically the same device, so it fits.

I can agree that it is confusing - personally I just have the MCM auto-update the firmware and let it deal with it. That said the gen.1 is basically unsupported now so I don’t expect anything else for it any more.

Yes, I guess that’s to be expected. Any idea why neither the EX2 or the Mirror are updating the firmware to the current 2.12.127 (both have auto firmware update switched on and have routinely updated automatically in the past)?

That firmware is for the gen.2 and so isn’t applicable to either of your devices (or mine).

Actually, it’s listed for both the Mycloud Mirror Gen 1 (2.12.127):

And EX2 (non-ultra - 2.12.127):

This is the current firmware for the MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 (2.31.163):

And the EX2 Ultra (2.31.163):

So I don’t know what’s going on!?

No idea then. I can confirm that trying to get the update via the dashboard directly doesn’t work.

It is possible to do a manual update, but personally I’m not sure I’m in the mood to risk bricking the thing by trying that.

My sentiments exactly. I wish WD would get their sh__ together!