Firmware Update Confusion

OK- tried searching the forum, but could not find an answer with the search engine. I have what I believe is a 4TB My Cloud Mirror SN WUC2541901486. I have firmware update 2.11.178. When the unit checks, it tells me I have the latest update. Then I see 2.12 and later updates on the forums for My Cloud Mirror. Are there later updates and how can I tell?

I think the first step should be to correctly identify which model you have actually got - MY CLOUD products page

After selecting the correct one from that page you’ll get a page with information about that particular model which includes a link to the current firmware release. In my case with a MyCloudMirror Gen 2 the current version is “Firmware Release 2.31.163 (01/08/2019)”.

p.s. You’ll see that I recently made a post about the title of a sticky post in the forum which I think causes confusion.

OK, thanks for the info. Finally got around to checking into this (Christmas holidays with lots of time on my hands)- I have Gen 1 My Cloud Mirror 4TB. It is discontinued. It is on auto update but only has update 2.11.178. Online the latest is Firmware Version 2.12.127 (01/08/2019). Did my unit quit updating because the support stopped? Anyone aware of issues with Firmware Version 2.12.127 (01/08/2019) and should I update to the last/final update?

Thanks. I am glad you are faster than I am. Have a Happy New Year