Pinned firmware out of date AND one of two Mirror Gen 2 wouldn't auto update

New Release - My Cloud Mirror Firmware Release 2.12.127 (01/8/19)

This does not specify Gen 2, so is there another separate posting elsewhere? My two Mirror Gen 2 are running 2.31.174 released 03/26/2019. Since we rely on these postings from WD this is confusing.

ALSO, one of my two identical Mirror Gen 2’s would not update auto or by initiating a download. I did successfully download and update manually but it is an anomaly I hope to figure out and avoid in the future.

Anyone comment or experience with these two issues?
Thank you!

I posted a little while ago HERE because of the confusing sticky posts in this forum.

p.s - Thanks for the heads up on the current version which I’ve just installed and is now up and running.

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YW…and I think the post you linked paints you :canada:, as the date format is US formatted MM\DD\YYYY. Me too BTW and I generally assume most tech resources online originate in the US in that respect, and I use the US region format everywhere except the odd cheque because they enforce the DD\MM.

The error you were getting is what I got. I’ll be interested to see if I get it next firmware update.

No UK - days months years as they come round naturally :grin: but my point was that the 2 sticky posts at the top of the forum index were hopelessly confusing and now they are also out of date.