Weird problem with My Book Live

OK, so I rebooted my MBL because it just kept flashing and was becoming a bit unresponsive.

Powered back up fine, then the LED just went solid White and has been that way for hours. I can’t access the dashboard, Even my router isn’t recognising it as an attached device, the whole mapped drive won’t connect, yet I am still able to stream through the media server somehow even though nothing seems to believe it even exists?!?!?!?!?!

Any one have any ideas?


Scrub that, It was something else I was able to stream from, not the MBL.

Basically I’m stuck with a white LED even though the Firmware last time I checked was 02.42.03-027 whoch I believe is the latest one.


As a recommendation, try resetting the drive using the reset button in the back of the unit.

Let me know what happens.

Will that erase the content currently on the hard drive? I am having the same problem, except mine is solid yellow, which would indicate that it is the firmware update, but it has been like that for hours, and it is not showing up on any of my devices in the meantime. I have been trying to troubleshoot this problem pretty much all day and have found hardly any info…