WD MyBook Live not working and gives yellow led

After 4 month gives the My Book Live a yellow led (after reboot) and stop working. It’s not continuing or giving a green led. How can I retrieve my data? (I think the HDD is still working well). Tried resetting and plugging powercord out and in. Please your help.

same trouble here…   anyone??

I am having exactly the same problem. I’m fairly upset about this now as I have recently uploaded a lot of my personal DVD collection that I backed up and it took me months to do it!! The reason I bought the drive was so that a) I didn’t have to keep it on my Mac and b) so I could stream them to my TV.

I did manage to log in at some point and send a diagnostic file to WD but they haven’t been all that helpful so far… I am awaiting a response now. When they get back to me I will let you know what they say.

can you log into your router and see the MBL show up as a device?  I think someone said a yellow light is a network issue.

You could also try running a lan cable from the MBL straight to your PC lan port to verify that it’s still working.