Yellow light

Boy I’m pissed…

I just started backing up all my files yesterday on my brand new WD My Book Live (2TB).

I’ve spent the hole day backing up files when suddenly my pcs lost signal of the HD. As I couldn’t get them back in sync, I rebooted the HD but there is no way for it to turn on correctly. I plug in the power supply, blue light comes on and after about 30 seconds the yellow light comes on. At the same time the HD starts making a noise like if it were trying to read someting. I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes now and the light is still yellow!! I tried rebooting again but the same thing happens. I even tried to hold the reset button but with no results.

What’s going on?!

Please contact WD Support and RMA the unit in and receive a replacement.

This will help the tech support review the device and why it is doing that.  The yellow light means that the boot up process is stuck.  Without the unit, it will be hard to tell if it is Hard Drive issue or firmware issue.  I would be pissed too…