Help MBL 3TB RED LIGHT, then solid yellow light, momentary blue light then back to solid yellow

Hi All,

I need some advice and help.

I have been using my MBL 3TB for just over a year. Never had a problem with any WD products before.

However now My MBL 3TB cant be find on my home network and worse still its stuck in a cycle of trying to reboot itself.

When i power up the MBL it will start with a Blue Light,

then it will stay on a solid yellow light,

it turns blue again after about 20 mins,

but then back to RED or solid YELLOW again.

I have tried to take some advice given to others however i cant even access My book live dashboard to open the SSH to try and use PUTTY but couldnt get around the problem.

Can someone tell me has my MBL died or can i do something to either get my data or to get it up and running again.

Thanks in advance.



This is most unfortunate. It is possible your WD My Book Live is not receiving enough power for booting with a sustainable spin rate, which could relate to a power adapter issue. If you are still under warranty Western Digital is able to send you a replacement for free. Please visit the following link for additional information:

Why would the power source be less as I have been using the adapter all this time.

Should I just try and change the power source ?

What should the correct output be of the adapter ?