MyBook Live stuck with Blue LED with odd yellow flash now its MyDead Book

I have a 3 month old MyBook Live 2TB has around 235 gig of music and pics, don’t stream music just used for storage,it has had little use so no issues everything up to date apps for tablets and firmware up to date, uploading pictures and drive came up with error then green LED was flashing Manual says busy writing etc, left for 2 days still the same, followed troubleshooting as per manual now drive stuck with blue LED on and every 15 to 20 second flash of yellow, not recognized by any device on network cannot access MBL tried everything as per manual not recognized, tried WD Link too and mapping drive as per manual all to no avail, very poor, was due to get a WD TV Live tomorrow to stream my pics and music through the TV, don’t think I can be bothered now! Can anyone suggest a solution?


If there is no green light the drive will not be available.  Try plugging the drive directly to a wall outlet, try using another Ethernet cable.  You may also try a reset, holding its reset button for 4 seconds, this will not affect the data.  If the issue persists you may contact WD for a replacement.

the same problem with my 4 weeks old my book life, if wd provides a replacement, is there a solution for data recovery?

Willem den Horder

I took Mine back to PC World UK they replaced it luckily i had a copy of my data on an Iomega network drive which has ran faultless and is older than the WD PC World were not interested in the fact i may be loosing valuable data, bit poor really hoping this one lasts a bit longer!