MyBook Live 3TB yellow light


My MyBook Live from 3TB is not working anymore.
It shows a constant yellow light, after a power cicle it goes from blue to yellow and stays yellow.
Tried different network cable - no luck
Tried different port on router - no luck
Tried direct to PC network - no luck
Tried 4 sec reset - no luck
Tried 40 sec reset - no luck

Took HDD out of enclosure and connected trough SATA-USB converter to laptop and it pops up in my computer as 2 external disk, when double click it says “wrong parameters from drive”
Installed DiskInternals Linux Reader, it will start but takes a very long time to even open a drive (up to 2 hours) only opened one of the EXT drives succesfully and saw some map structure, I guess its the OS drive of the MBL.

Installed R-Linux, this one shows the 4 partitions of the HDD but cannot acces anyone of them. When trying to acces the software crashed or does nothing at all.

Now ordered an exact same HDD from (WD30EZRX) I’ll get that one in on 26th of september, I’ll exchange the print board from the new one to the old one to eliminate a failure in the SATA pcb.

Anyone else an idea?

Regards, Stephan

Hi StephanBV,

Try to connect the My Book Live directly to the computer via Ethernet cable and check if you are able to access the drive.

Had no luck at all using the usual ways to connect to the MyBookLive