2TB My Book Live Wont Boot

When turning on, the LED goes blue for about 10 seconds, flashes briefly yellow, and then goes back to blue again. As the LED flashes yellow, the disk is active for a second, and then becomes inactive when turning blue again. I haven’t updated the drive recently, and it has been working fine for the past few months. Any suggestions as to what is going on would be appreciated. Thanks

i believe a yellow light is a sign of a network communication issue.  Can you log into your router and see the MBL listed as a device?  note its IP.  can you ping it from your computer?  can you put that IP into your browser and get to the dashboard?


There’s no sign of the MBL in the routers list of devices, it can see all my devices except the MBL!

The ethernet port on the back of the MBL has a solid orange and occasionally blinking green lights.

It seems to me as though the device is in a continuos loop trying to boot up.