My book Live

I am using an external “My Book Live” (2Tb) as an NAS for my music library.

Has worked well for two months.

Today it has “disappeared” from my system.

Can’t be seen on my Windows 7 machine.

Also can’t be seen when I look at my Dlink DIR655 router (all other connected evices can be seen)

Tried a different Cat 5 cable to connect the drive to my router - still a nogo

The “My Book” front panel has a solid yellow light, other than that it has become completely invisble.

I’m a network newbie and have no idea what to do next ??

Thanks in Advance for any help or tips

HI there, a yellow light means the drive is booting and won’t show up on your computer unless it turns green. What if you disconnect the power adapter of the MBL for some minutes to let it refresh?

Also, can you access the configuration page when you type it’s IP address on an internet browser? And what about noise coming from the drive or vibration?