WDTV Not Accepting Network Share Password for Drobo FS

Hi Guys, i bought a Drobo FS and cannot connect it with my WDTV.  When i go into Network Shares, it sees the Drobo but asks me for the username and password.  I entered the Admin credentials but still no joy.  I have reset the device a few times but still no luck.

Would appreciate some assistance please




Can you please provide the model number of the unit?

What firmware are you running?

Hi, thank you for your response, device details:

Drobo FS

Firmware: 2.5.3[66012]

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

Model: C3H


i’ve tried both LAN and Wireless both not working. I have assigned static IP address.  Like i said, i can see the Drobo in netwok shares from the media player but entering any credentials doesn’t work.



Did you ever resolve this?