Cannot access SMB (Windows) shares

So far the WDTV i have has done nothing but impress me with its’ ability to play different file types but the one thing I’m having an issue with is unexpected. I cannot access a windows type shares on my Drobo FS.

I can see the device. It gives me the chance to enter my credentials but will not let me connect. I am currently accessing thi s same device via DLNA (differnent technology). I have tried creating a new account, using my admin account and changing permissions but it makes no difference. I’m wondering if the WDTV uses an older/newer version of the smb protocol? Any ideas appreciated, I’m technical and this ‘simple’ issue is driving me nuts. I will add that they ARE in the same workgroup.

What version of NTLM does it (the WDTV) use?

Check if you have the latest firmware update installed.