Not recognizing some NAS devices as Network Shares


I just got my WDTV Live yesterday. I also have a Boxee Box, a MVix device, and use Windows Media Center.

With all of my current devices I have no problem seeing my three NAS devices as SMB shares. The WDTV Live sees my Drobo as a Network Share, but only sees the Buffalo and NetGear NAS’ as Media Servers.

Is there any way for me to “force” the WDTV Live to see those NAS’ as SMB shares?

Another option is having the ability to flag the folders I need easy access to thru both Network Shares and Media Servers as “Favorites” so that they will all be listed in one place?

My main gripe is having to hop between the “Network Shares” and “Media Servers” option to browse folders.



Are ALL of your NAS devices in the same workgroup as your WDTV?

That was it! Many thanks!