Anyone able to get this working w/ a Drobo FS...?

Just got a Streaming for Christmas, and am trying to set it up, but I can’t get it to recognize my DroboFS…It’s been a while since I set it up, but w/ my old wired WDTV Live, I just pointed it at the Drobo, gave it the login info, and it all worked perfectly. The Streaming won’t see the Drobo, and I can’t figure out how to manually point it at the Drobo over the network. Am I missing something here…?  It should just pop up on the SMB list, no?

I’ve got a DroboFS > DLink Wireless Router > WDTV Live Streaming (over wireless). Not a super-complicated system,

Anyone out there have a similar setup and have any tips for me…? Sorry, I’m I’m being a moron and am missing something basic, I apologize. I’m kind of a networking noob…

Try the basic Troubleshooting, try to connect your WD TV wired, just to see if the issue is over the wireless connection.

Make sure they are in the same Workgroup, I have two Drobos and both show up and work with the HUB and SMP.

Doesnt the Drobo use linux as it’s OS?

Are you searching for Windows or Linux shares?

Yes, it uses Linux, but it’s still a Windows share if it’s using SMB protocol. You’d select Linux if you are using NFS.