Anyone able to get this working w/ a Drobo FS...?

Just got a Streaming for Christmas, and am trying to set it up, but I can’t get it to recognize my DroboFS…It’s been a while since I set it up, but w/ my old wired WDTV Live, I just pointed it at the Drobo, gave it the login info, and it all worked perfectly. The Streaming won’t see the Drobo, and I can’t figure out how to manually point it at the Drobo over the network. Am I missing something here…? It should just pop up on the SMB list, no?

I’ve got a DroboFS > DLink Wireless Router > WDTV Live Streaming (over wireless). Not a super-complicated system,

Anyone out there have a similar setup and have any tips for me…? Sorry, I’m I’m being a moron and am missing something basic, I apologize. I’m kind of a networking noob… :confounded:


I don’t know about wireless, but, I know that it works with a wired connection, the device is able to connect using the Media Server ( I choose this one, Have not try Network Share, as this is not my network, it is a friend setup)