WD TV + Drobo (presell question)

I was wondering if anyone had any success stories using the WD TV along with a NAS device such as the DROBO.  My vision is to have my DROBO connected to my router (Time Capsule) in my office, along with all of my media I have off of my computer and be able to stream these HD .MOV files to my TV with little or no lag time. 

I noticed the WD TV had USB ports on it, so I wasn’t sure if the DROBO would have to be connected directly to the WD TV or not.  I would prefer not to have the DROBO near my TV as I’ve heard they’re noisy (have not purchased yet).  It’s also easier for backing of new media for my DROBO to be connected to my Time capsule.

I tried to set this up initially with an Apple TV2, But it has a lot of limitations for the convience you get!

Any help would be appreciated!!

Should work.