Networking NAS Question

I have been running a D-Link 4 Bay NAS with 4x2TB drives, once it was filled I decided to build a 15TB (5x3TB BeyondRaid configured to 10.8TB Usable) Drobo.  I went from having 4x2TB volumes to having a single 10.8TB NAS drive.  My HD Live and router with current firmware etc, does not want to log on to this Drobo.  It is not a login issue, there are no login requirements setup on the Drobo at this time and I can log on from my wife’s Vista computer over the wifi.

I have contacted WD Support without getting any help, this is a disappointment, but I understand that they cannot support every persons home network issue.  Is there anything I can do it keep using this awesome piece of hardware from WD or do I need to replace it with something that can “see” a drive larger than 2-3TB?  Any ideas would be appreciated. -> To this point I have loved the WD HD Live box! It has been awesome!!


So, what happens? 

Does the WDTV see the Drobo?

When you select the Drobo from the share list, what happens next?

Do you get error messages?

The DroboFS shows up in in the Network Shares list; when selected it clocks for 1-2 minutes then says “This network share can not be assessed” and allows me to click OK.  I have no issues accessing this NAS via the Vista computer also on the wifi, with no login. 

After ripping 600+ movies and countless TV shows, this is frustrating.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Is there any relevant information in the Drobo’s logs?

Does the Drobo see the Login request?

Thanks for the interest in helping me Tony!

I can get a diagnostic report from the Drobo, but it is encoded so unreadable.  There is no part of the interface that shows logged on machines or attempts (I know I have this option on my TeraStation and D-Link NASs), it seems that they have simplified the interface to make it “fool proof”…

Is there anything else you can think of to try?  I have started looking to other solutions for playback, but not sure a Boxee or iomega box would function as well as the Live HD Plus does, and the Asus solution runs Windows 7 - that makes me leery. 

Thanks again.

Awesome! The newest update of the Live HD Plus firmware solved my issues with this 10.8tb Drobo NAS. Thanks WD for making this awesome product work for me!!