Wdtv media player suddenly not reading my hard drive

Hey guys,

My WDTV Media player not downloading torrents, i always use P2P in download app to download movies. i didn’t use my WD for some time. when i recently tried to download movie its not getting download but its reading files in my external hard drive(wd my passport). please try to help me guys

Hallo, my wdtv is ssuddenly showing : internal hard drive decoupled !!
Anyone has an idea how to fix it?

Had the same problem. Just deleted the. wdtv folder, did a disk check which found no errors, plugged it in again and it worked. All on Windows 10, so you don’t necessarily need to connect it to a Windows 7 pc

Hey Susan,

I know i am too late to reply, but I have got a sure solution for your problem!
I must tell that you might have bought a new drive as its been 2 years since you posted. I have been sent here because I faced too the same problem, and thus WDTV LIVE forums brought me here.


I know your drive is working efficiently with you Windows Pc. And that Joey have stated, Windows configured your Drive settings, is correct.
Windows modified it according to its latency to provide User a better interface and options on WINDOWS platform. So, Your WDTV wasnt able to decrypt the settings _ made by YOUR Pc.

Now your step ,

Go and delete the $RECYCLE BIN folder from your Drive. Make sure you skip the Recycle Bin setup when you are asked during deleting. You will be asked twice. Hence, Skip Twice.
The thing except the Recycle Bin setup will be deleted. This process will delete all .DAT files which were induced by your Windows.
If you are unable to find the folder, go through hidden items in your drive. To see hidden items, Open Your drive and Click on View on top of the window. Check the HIDDEN ITEMS box to enable them to view.

You no need to delete the .wd_tv folder as its not gonna make sense. You will now find a folder named folder.000 , Delete the folder - disregarding its content. I bet your drive is Safe.
You are now ordered to refresh the page about thrice.
If you are unable to find the folder.000, go through hidden items in your drive. To see hidden items, Open Your drive and Click on View on top of the window. Check the HIDDEN ITEMS box to enable them to view.

Now, unplug your drive by the Safely Remove or Eject option. If the computer says that the drive is open somewhere, and so you cant eject, follow me. Do the Safely remove or Eject procedure twice or thrice till it says that YOUR DRIVE IS READY TO BE UNPLUGGED.

Again connect your drive and see if all your hidden items have got its way back. If not. Repeat the steps above. If there was nothing to be restored (hidden items), See if your deleted folders are ACTUALLY deleted.
If you think anything is wrong or unchanged, Repeat from Scratch. This time it will surely be done because there are chances that your windows pc have declined all changes and restored everything the very first time. Repeating will ensure that windows doesnt retry its mistake.

Plug your drive into your WDTV and see if you have got your disk back. I am da.mn sure that you havent got me wrong. Also, there are chances that Videos wont get played on player. So, Unplug from WDTV and Plug Again.
If you still have any queries, email me on MKCVINE@GMAIL.COM!
There are chances that I dont open this forums again, so better email me. I am always there for ANYTHING and ANYONE.

Thank You

I confirm that the tool fixed my problem on my external HD… Scandisk with the tool where Windows 10 corrupted the disk! Thanks!

Yesterday I had the same problem (I know the post is older than that). And after reading all the answers, the solution for my problem was checking the hard drive in a windows 7 pc. My problem began after connecting the hard drive to me new computer with windows 10. Thanks for the info!