Wdtv live!

My wdtv can access media shares and play one file, then it loses samba access

Entering media server -> host -> browsing the shares, then returning to the menu and

entering again displays “no media avaiable” or similar.

youtube applet cannot connect, but the unit still has ip/netmask/dns.

I am a linux user and this thing uses linux, is there an user to log into via ssh/telnet and the

the logs of the thing and do not depen of the “interface” to troubleshoting? It is frustrating when

all family unites in fron of the wdtv and this thing behaves like that. (for them the device is crap).

Is there a wdtv bugtracker to open bugs and track them, like a bugzilla?

Thank in advance.

* wdtv live! w/ fw 1.06.15

* linksys usb 2.4/5 ghz wifi-n (don’t remember name but was on the compatibility list)

* linksys wrt320n 2.4/5 ghz (currently using 2.4 ghz, becaue i discovered that that ■■■■ of a router

is single-radio before purchase and ruined the expectatios because i was forced to keep using 2.4 ghz).

Can this feature be added in some furure fw:

* collect support data to usb unit

put messages/configuration/hw status and other relevant logs into the .wdtv/supportdata directory in the

usb mass storage device.

Search for it, and if it’s not there, add it to the IDEAS section.

There is nothing wrong with the WDTV Live box. There are many users streaming video from a Linux computer to the WDTV Live because it is more reliable than streaming video from a Windows computer to the WDTV Live.

A remote telnet and ssh backend connection to the WDTV live already exists. Google; you will find posts where WDTV Live Linux networking issues have already been resolved.