WDTV Live Windows shares access issues


I’m currently in a weird situation and I am running out of ideas.

My WDTVLive device cannot find the Windows shares on my network when it’s connected via Wifi (loading symbol keeps turning and nothing happens) but works perfectly when plugged using a rj45 cable (without any settings modifications except wireless -> wired in the Network Setup).

It looks correctly connected when using Wifi (check connection steps are all OK), can access online services, but no Windows share at all.

The other devices in the same workgroup are 3 Windows 7 and a Samba 3.5.6 on FreeBSD (wired) and a bunch of android devices (wireless), and none of them has any issues contacting any services.

I’ve tried changing its assigned IP given by the dhcp, switching the wdtv and one of the Win7 to another workgroup, factory reset and re-config, but none of that got a better result so far.

Would anyone around have any clue or advice, please ?


Are your wired and wireless networks actually the same network?

Yes, both are handled by the same router, which is my ISP FTTH box.