WDTV LIVE SMP cant find folder shares

Not sure what to do next!!!

I have WDTV live that will not recognize the network shares on my Windows 7 64 Premium. I have followed the manual on how to set-up the file share and advanced settings, spent two plus hours on the phone with WD, and still cannot get the file share to work. It does not see anything on my SMB option. I can access Youtube and Netflix from the device, but not my network shares. I can access them from my XP laptop so I am fairly sure that it is not a Windows issue. 

I was able to get it to work for a couple of hours and then it went right back out again. Not sure why it even started working? I was watching television and decided to work on it a little more and when I switched sources it had started working??? Help

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:


Thanks for the help!!! 

My shares are listed as described in your tutorial. Thanks so much for that!!! Not sure where to go now though. 

Not concerned about the share names yet.  You said your computer doesn’t show up under SMB.   You need to focus on the first 2/3 of that tutorial.

It appeers like this. (hope I am following you correctly)

Node IPAddress: [] ScopeID []

Netbios  remote Machine Name Table 

Name                             Type                  Status

HOME-PC               <00>  Unique       Registered

WORKGROUP      <00>  Group          Registered

HOME-PC                 <20> Unique      Registered

WORKGROUP        <1E> Group         Registered

WORKGROUP        <1D> Group         Registered

…_______MSBROWSE_______… <01>  Group   Registers

Is that what you needed?

Domain comes up as WORKGROUP. 

One other thing. If i activate media sharing then HOMe_PC shows up in MEDIA Server, but still nothing in my Network SHhare option of the WDTV


I set my router to allow the MAC address of the WDTV and presto, everything works!!!

Well that’s weird…   Good, but weird…  :) 

Your router shouldn’t have anything to do with it.


I’m having this exact problem. It was working at first then after one file has completed it showed as “no media in folder”.

Now nothing is showing when i choose SMB in Network Shares.

I have 3 Computers on my network

1 win7 x64 Laptop

1 win7 x32 Laptop

1 win vista x64 PC - used for file storage

Connected by a Linksys WRT610N over LAN

My WDTV Live has the latest firmware 1.04.12

I followed the post linked above however I can’t find the probem.

Here’s a screenshot of the nbtstat a- pc


All computers are under WORKGROUP and I can share files between each computer so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Really have no idea where to go next… Help pls!

That was my thought as well, but it worked instantly after that. Saw something about it in a youtube video comments for setting up the networking with windows7. 

Thanks for all the help. 


Also have updated to latest firmware today 1.05.18 and still having same problem.