New WDTV Live Streaming does not see shares

I just bought a WDTV Live Streaming (BHG7000) as a replacement for one of two older WDTV Live (BAAN0000). The new player is wired to the home network which has a Windows 7 Pro desktop. There are shared folders with video content on the desktop. My old player sees the shares and plays back the files, but I could not make the new one see the shares. The workgroup is the same on both players (WORKGROUP). I went to Setup - Network Settings - Network Share Server and entered the same login and password as on the desktop. It does not help; everytime I choose Videos or Photos, it shows me “Select content source” window, and when I select “Windows shares”, it shows me the rolling arrow icon and says in this state infinitely. At the same time, the old player sees all shares (I use the same login and password to access them).

What else I can try to make it work?

Make sure both WDTVs are named differently and assign static IPs while you’re at it.

Try power cycling your router than turn on wdtv live. I noticed after doing this the IP changed and the shares appeared.

Nothing helps. I wonder if it’s the new firmware.

I think I just return the stupid thing to the store.

Are you able to ‘see’ the WDTV on your Windows 7 PC?.  Have you used WD Link to ‘map’ the drive on your WDTV?

If you can do this the problem most likely is how the Shares may have been setup on your PC.

My shares work fine on on my Windows 7 PC running the latest firmware.  I have 2 WDTV SMP’s and the WDTV SMP in bedroom 2 can play the files on the HDD attached to the WDTV in the lounge room or from shared folders on my PC or the laptop.

thomfam: Yes, I can see them both in Computer | Network as well as in WD Link (I use the latest version which is called WD Discovery). My WDTV does not have any drives attached.

Turn off and disable the Homegroup entries in services.msc

I get burned by this everytime I reload an OS or add a new PC as that junk is on by default in any Windows OS Vista and forward.

dcb917: it does not work. Nothing changed: it still waits infinitely while discovering shares.

Are there any other items in the Setup menu which can affect it? What is Network Share Server, anyway? Does it have anything to do with playing files from a share?

I’d check the master browser then.  Search will get you to a few articles that explain how to set it.

Network Share Server should be on, that is the default.