Network Share - Can't see folders

Changed from WDTV Live Plus to a WDTV Live SMP

I figured all I had to do was hook it up and go but for whatever reason, this new player does not see my PC. It does see my router but no other PCs on the network.

My old player I would click VIDEO - NETWORK SHARES - then select my PC but it also listed my router and any laptops connected to the network even though those woul dbe wireless. But at least it listed everything. This new player wont list anything but my router.

How do I connect to my PC. Going to be pretty upset as this was a replacement from WD and I sent my old player to them.

I tried following the directions in the manual but I must be doing something wrong. What it is I do not know.

Is it in the same workgroup.

Turns out it was the WORKGROUP … figures.

Some time ago I had network issues with my Live Plus. The firmware went wonky and somehow, changing my PC workgroup name to WORKGROUP_PC (kept player WORKGROUP) allowed me to connect to my shares.

Well looks like this new SMP player wanted it back to WORKGROUP so I changed it back and all is well.