Seeing the Network Share on my PC

I was wondering if anyone has an idea about this.  For the longest time, I had to use a network share to play my videos from my PC to the WDTV Live.  Even though I run a media server on my PC, for the longest time the WDTV couldn’t see it.  Now, just the exact reverse is true!  The WDTV can play videos from the media server on my PC, but can’t use the network share anymore – my PC doesn’t show-up when the WDTV scans for available shares.

Another WDTV Live in the house can use either the share or the server.  I mean it is just weird and makes me wonder.  I can play the videos, but why can’t I see the share??  A couple of weeks ago, I was asking the exact reverse question.

Out of curiosity, have you named each of the WDTVs a unique name in the network setup screen?