WDTV live plus stopped streaming NAS video

This is weird, but I was having issues connecting to my Synology DiskStation. So I updated my firmware, reset the configuration setting to not save share passwords, and was able to connect. However, when viewed through Video->Media Servers it reads all of the NAS content, but will not stream video. Sometimes it just sits with the loading circle, and other times (after restarts, etc) it will open the file, black screen, determine the length of the video, and then return to the previous menu. Wont play.

Under Video->Network Shares or whatever it reads all of the video files, but when I open one of the video folders it says something along the lines of “no media content” or “folder is empty”.

Music files play fine. I can also view my pictures. Any ideas? It played fine up until I updated my firmware today!

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