WDTV live streaming and Synology NAS music playback Freezing

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with my media playback since a couple ok weeks.

I have a wdtv SMP and all my media are stored on my synology ds212j …

I access my media via the DLNA server of my synology… when I want to play music, it play well for a couple of song and suddently it freeze… I have to unplug the WDTV and reboot it … but It frezze every time …

For movie playback, I don’t have this problem !!

An idea of what it hapen !!!

MERCI … and sorry for my poor english :) 

I have a few idea’s

but I’ll skip to the point

switch to NFS (linux shares)

all your problems will probably go away

Thank you KAD79! 

I enabled NFS permissions in the Synology NAS and now my HD movies don’t freeze while streaming to WD TV Live.