Issue with playing videos on NAS share


I have purchased a WDTV Live to play videos from my NAS server. Basically, it works, but there are issues with about 10% of my videos. Just a few examples:

  • playing a video_ts folder: video gets stuck and the plays jerky after having played for a few minute minutes.

  • same problem with some mkv/h264 videos (with no particularly high bitrate). Stopping and resuming playback helps for a few minutes, then the same happens again.

  • avi video, sub subtitles: the video and audio plays well, and the subtitles too initially. But every ~5 mins the subtitle text freezes.

Some info:

  • I have upgraded the WD TV Live to the latest firmware

  • I exclusively play videos from NAS

  • The WD TV live is connected to the LAN via ethernet cable - so there should be no bandwidth problem

  • I have tested the same video files with another media streamer (a very old xtreamer) and did not get any errors.

Does anyone have an idea what goes wrong? Thanks for any help!




I would recommend testing if the file plays via USB in order to confirm if it is indeed a networking bottleneck, or re-encoding is needed.

Please ensure the file complies with the supported parameters of your WD TV as specified in page 153 of the User’s Manual:

Are you connecting directly to the o the NAS via network shares (cifs (windows shares) or NFS(Linux Shares)), Media Library, or DLNA server?  Recommend turning off the media library if on and do direct connect via NFS.