Subtitles over NAS

I bought a WDTV Live a few months ago. And I’m happy with it.
Till now I always connected my USB HDD WD Elements 1TB to my WDTV without major problems.
I bought a few days a Cable Router (Hitron BVW 3653) with a USB port that can turn a USB Disk into a NAS. I connected the WDTV with an Ethernet cable to this router.
The problem is:
If the USB disk is connected directly to WDTV Live the subtitles are played correctly, but if I connect this USB disk to the router, turning the router into a NAS and the WDTV to the router, I can see the video perfectly without flaws but when I try to select the subtitles I receive the information that there are no Subs in the folder.

Anyone having this problem?

Welcome to the forum.

How are you playing your files – via net share or media server?

Media server will not work for subs in this manner, but net shares should.


Well i can’t note the difference between Net Share or Media Server.

I’m not at home at the moment, but i think i access via WDTV network a share that is created in the router with all data on USB Disk.

What i find strange is that i can actually play the video from network, i just can’t select what subs (.srt ou .sub or other…) to play with the video.

The difference is what menu you use on the WDTV.

Select VIDEO, and you’ll have the option of MEDIA SERVERs, NETWORK SHARES, and others.

It depends on which way you’re using it.

You were right!

If I select video by Media Servers the Subs won’t work, but if i choose Network shares the subs are played correctly!

Thank you!