WD TV Live freezes via Ethernet


when I try to see a video from NAS via ethernet it sometimes freezes (only progress circle) and then the only thing to do is to restart the TV Live. Then I can see again my video but after a while I have the same problem (freezing) and have to restart it. It’s frustrating…

I’ve found this post, but on my Qnap NAS (TS-210) the Upnp forward is already off: 


It’s not a problem of encoding, with other multimedia box it works (nor sharing, I used Samba/NFS, same results)

Could you help me, pleasse?


What firmware version does device have?

Have you contacted support regarding this issue?

Firmware is (think latest): 2.01.86

I’m sorry, I’ve thought that this was the support forum: I’ve contacted support right now.