Freezing. Just NAS?

Okay, over the past few weeks I’ve been getting the freezing problem.

This is ridiculous, as I’ve changed nothing.

I didn’t update with the last new firmware - I always wait until I see how it’s bedded in, and this one didn’t.

So why has the problem started?

Anyway, a quick question. Has anyone had the freezing problem when playing from attached HDDs? at the moment I’m only seeing the issue from NAS-held media.

Steve W


What firmware do you have installed on your media player?

Have you tried a reset and/or power cycle?

I’m at work, so can’t check the number, but it’s the penultimate one, the one which people have been rolling back to.

And yes, I’ve tried every type of reset.

But none of that really matters in relation to my question.

My question is whether anyone is getting the freezing problems from local storage, or just from NAS.

Steve W