Wd tv live freezes randomly while streaming mkv files

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I found this regarding the wd tv live trying to connect to the www.wdtvlive.com website, which was taken down and creates a freeze in the wd tv live. The solution suggests blocking the website for the wd tv live in the router to correct the problem, the link to the string is Cause Freezing found! WD, PLEASE PUT THIS SITE BACK ON LINE ASAP! I am going to try and see if it works.

Hello there,

please keep us updated on what you find out by trying this on you device, this might help other with a similar issue.

The router seems to not be the problem. I found that if I detach my ethernet cable from the wd tv live it does not freeze while streaming mkv from the usb attached 3tb My Book. I isolated the problem to the network connection. Now I’m trying to find out how what is causing the unit to freeze while attached to the network and streaming from the usb attached My Book. Any ideas?

This is how I worked around the issue: