Firmware 2.02.32: Can't play media files from NAS

Just upgraded to the new firmware on my WD TV Live.  Everything is fine, except that I can no longer open/play media files from my NAS.  The very odd thing is that I can see the NAS folder structure.  I can even see thumbnails of photos on the NAS and can set a photo from the NAS as a background on my WDTV, but if I try to open a photo (or play a video or music file) the timer arrow comes up and just keeps going.

Any bright ideas?  Thanks for your help.

Having the same problem since firmware upgrade. Very frustrating.

I fixed this last night by resetting the WD TV to its factory settings.  Probably should have tried that first, but hey…

Exactly. I’m always doing a reset before and after the update and never experienced any of those weirder issues people are complaingin about.