Can no longer connect to Network suddenly

I have a WDTV Live and it’s been connected wirelessly to my network.  I’ve been streaming video files stored on my laptop.

Suddenly, when I attempted to watch something today, I went to Windows shares, saw my laptop name and selected it. I saw my familiar folders but not the images associated with them.

I selected a folder and it said there was no media present.  I restarted WDTV Live and now when I go to WIndows Shares, the arrow just turns and turns.

Folders/PC still seem to have correct sharing options near as I can recall from setting it up.

Please help, I’d greatly appreciate it, thank you in advance.

I just updated about an hour ago. I connected to my WD media server NAS via a D-Link WiFi dongle attached to the WDTV Live.

The whole setup worked flawlessly until the update. I can see the NAS and browse the directories, but as when I try and play a video I get the spinning loading icon and then after a minute it says that there was a network error.

C’mon WD this is completely unacceptable to break basic functionality for so many of your customers everytime there is an update. Please release a patch to fix this.

I’ve learnt my lesson - after this gets fixed I’m never going to upgrade the firmware again.